marketing strategy for beginners

Marketing Strategy For Beginners | Tips & Tools

Marketing strategy for beginners! There are some major aspects you need to take into consideration when you start a new business. Marketing is one of your top priorities, that means having a good strategy to start with can make the difference! We're here to help.

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happy halloween

Happy Halloween Freemium Freebie Coming!

Happy Halloween - Freemium Freebie is Coming! We love spoiling our users with the best resources you can find on the internet and with some amazing freebies! We don't just want to be a "read-and-leave" blog, but we want you to always come back for more! Learn how to get the freebie!

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google plus

Google to Shut Down Google+ | Private Data Leak

Google Plus has suffered a massive vulnerability recently. According to Wall Street Journal sources, this gap gave the developers access to private data of Google+ user accounts between 2015 and 2018. To make it even worse, Google decided NOT to tell anyone. Google will shutdown Google Plus.

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5 ideas for great mobile website design

5 Ideas For A Great Mobile Website Design!

Mobile websites can be tricky to design due to the limited space of a mobile screen. However that can never be an issue for creating a great looking mobile site! Here are 5 ideas you can use to improve your mobile website design.

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apptastic dark

Introducing Apptastic

Apptastic is at the top of our creation, framework and dedication. We have put a lot of effort in designing and functionality of this amazing mobile template, for you to be able to enjoy the native app feeling into an online mobile website. There are a tons of other features so dive in!

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improve your hosting experience tips tools

Improve Your Hosting Experience – Tips & Tools

In this article we will go through all the tools you need in order to have a cheap, yet amazing hosting experience. Forget about expensive services and focus on what you need. Stay with us for more tips for hosting improvement - make a cheap host great!

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interactive elements in mobile websites

Interactive Elements in Mobile Websites – A Must!

Interactive elements are a must for your mobile website! Stick with us and find out how you can improve your engagement and how you can attract more and more users. These are the most used and efficient interactive elements in a mobile site!

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Business Data Analytics Tools For Beginners

Business Data Analytics Tools For Beginners

Many people lose money because they do not know their customers! Do not be one of them! Make sure you implement to your website the next business data analytics tools and get to know your buyers.

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tips for your mobile website

5 Tips For An Outstanding Mobile Website

We've got you covered. Don't compromise because you compromise your users' experiences and that is a total no no for your business. Instead, follow the next 5 steps and be amazed of the results!

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pwa progressive web apps

Why PWAs Are Just a Dream…For Now

If you don'y know what a PWA is or you want to find out more about how it works, then you're in the right place! Progressive Web Apps have been around for some time, but is it really worth it to give away a classic website for a PWA, or is it just a big dream? Find out here!

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