samsung compatible

Samsung has just released its latest flagships and we couldn’t be more excited. Last day, they have announced the arrival of two phones that absolutely revolutionise the way people use their phones, the mobile phone technology – especially the display and the overall user experience.

Let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy Fold & S10!

Samsung Galaxy S10

It is one of the most expected phones due to the leaks that were release regarding this phone. Now we have it and we have seen it. It provides the new Snapdragon 8555 chipset, reverse wireless charging, a totally new design regarding the selfie camera ( not the notch you are used to ), Wi-Fi 6 and many many other improvements.

Moreover, one of the most important features it provides is its infinity display which will make our websites and apps look absolutely incredible! However, we will let you lecture more on this on Gizmodo. You can find there all the specs you need, the price and all other features Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with. Click here!

Are we compatible with it? Of course! We’re always ready for any new tech!

For sure we are! Our websites are built for the future and each one adapts its size to perfectly fit any resolution!  Moreover, Galaxy S10 comes with Android 9 as the OS which is perfectly compatible with our products.

What about the hole in the display?

The hole in the display, affectionally called the Infinity-O brings nothing new to the game. It won’t affect anything in your window as it’s managed by the browser. Plus, in case you’re wondering what will happen for Cordova and PhoneGap apps, the answer is still nothing. Our products allow you to alter the position of icons in the header and nav bar if needed so the Infinity-O won’t alter the user experience.

Hence, you don’t have to worry that your website or your client’s website will not look good or not run on the latest flagships. It will complement the incredible screen Samsung is known for, the industrial product design of the phone and the entire user experience and interface!

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The Samsung Galaxy S10 brings innovations in the mobile tech world, but have you seen the Galaxy Fold? It has a foldable display and everyone is more than excited about this. It has never before been done, and we wouldn’t have expected anyone but Samsung to bring this technology at the table.

They are known for their display quality and they are arguably the best in the industry. The infinity display was just the beginning of something even bigger that will turn the tables and now we know what that was – Galaxy Fold.

The Galaxy Fold is a powerhouse. It comes with Dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M colours and 7.3 inches display. That is right, 7.3 inches! Just to help you see that a bit better, the screen of the iPad mini is 7.9.

Beside the insane foldable screen it provides, it also has an internal memory of 512 GB, 12 GB RAM, an octa-core CPU and Adreno 640 GPU. The OS the powers it is Android 9 (Pie).

Cost: $1,980.00

Are we compatible with it?

Of course! Folding or unfolding our products will seamlessly run on them!
Our mobile templates are compatible with the latest technology of foldable displays! Due to the fact that it runs the Android 9 and that we build for mobile AND tablets, the resolution Galaxy.

Fold comes with is in between phones and tablets, our mobile templates will absolutely rock the latest generation of display on the market.

To conclude, we are extremely happy to announce that you will not lose a second by trying to change your already existing website done with our templates. We took care of it for you and we made sure your user experience is seamless regardless the mobile phone technology the tech giants implement. Enjoy your already purchased mobile templates and if you didn’t have the chance to try out our products, you can do it here, without worrying that it will might not work on the latest phones. They will!

What do you think about the latest phones Samsung has just released?

*The pictures included can be found on Samsung Official Announcement Website here