covid-19 update

Our world has been hit by a disastrous virus, COVID-19, and this is the moment to show solidarity and love among all people and communities.

We’re writing this article with hope and complete dedication to our work, our current and future  customers. As you may know, a lot of people are self isolating and aren’t lucky enough to have jobs that allow them to work from home. Our thoughts are out there with everyone around the world affected by this virus.

Here at Enabled, we decided to self quarantine. We are currently working from our home offices. We are grateful to announce that none of the members of the team (including Webbu Design) has contracted the virus.

Therefore, here’s what you should know about you (as a customer) in relation to us and our products:

1. Development Team

Our developers are working tirelessly to improve the existing products and building other amazing  Mobile Website Templates, WordPress Themes, PWAs, Google AMP and PhoneGap & Cordova App Templates.

Enabled’s Items and Webbu’s Items continue to receive the best care out there. We are among the lucky ones that are able to continue to create, maintain and support our products during these strange times, and we couldn’t be more grateful for this opportunity.

2. Support

We are as known for the quality of our products as we are for the support we provide for our customers. Therefore, we must reassure you that any issues you may encounter while customising any of our products will be taken care of by our developers personally and immediately.

The Support Forum will be up and running as usual and you will benefit from our full attention, exactly as normal.

Helping one another during this pandemic has become a number one priority in all fields. In Web Development, an industry based on creation, used by many as a distraction during self isolation and social distancing, it is of utmost importance to create a pleasant user experience. We’ve got your back!

3. Marketing

Our Marketing Team is up and running as well! We believe that this is the best time to create bonds and professional relationships with our customers/users.

Establishing collaborations and connections during these times is crucial for our mental health regardless of our profession. Take time to check on your friends and family, and if you have any ideas/projects that you may think we can support you with, we are here for you!

What can you do during this Coronavirus Pandemic?

  1. Self Isolate – Take care of yourself and the people around you
  2. Listen to Your Local Authorities’ Indications
  3. Keep a Positive Thinking! – Panic and negativity never helped any situation
  4. Get your information from authentic sources!
  5. Learn:

– You can start learning something new, something that you’ve been putting on hold because you had other responsibilities. If mobile website development is one of them, you can check out our freebies here. They are easy to customise and include all the basics you need.

Final Message

We would like to conclude this message with gratitude. Gratitude for all people that are on the first line in making the lives of those affected better. Thank you all for your selfless behaviour!

For our brothers and sisters in the field of web development, graphic design, video editing and any creation based field: we are the lucky ones and we should never take this for granted.

The world needs colour right now, and we are the ones that can spread it!

Stay safe,

Enabled & Webbu