interactive elements in mobile websites

Lets start with a question on this matter: Do you have interactive elements on your website? Share your answers with us in the comment section and share your website for inspiration!

Now, for the other ones that didn’t take into account this aspect, lets see first what are interactive elements. We define them as being certain part of a website which a user can modify, change or interact with. If you’re still in a foggy state of confusion, read forward.

Some of the most used interactive elements are:


Photos are a static content we know that. However, the way you display the photos can be crucial to your engagement and visibility of your content. If you display the photos into a gallery/carousel that can be controlled by the user, then you have an interactive element on your website! Which is great and engaging.

2.  Action Sheets

These are an absolute bliss for your mobile website if done correctly. This is a great opportunity for you as the content provider to put a smile on your users’ faces. You can choose your style and put a funny cookie image when the “cookie policy” pop-up comes on the screen. You can even use a small animated cookie that smiles. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

3. Notifications

There are so many great ways a “warning” notification can improve someone’s day just because it looks great. Take the bad and transform it into good with just a little design change. Your website will look completely different with such small adjustments. And it is very important to announce people of everything that is going on to your website. A good looking notification can make a big difference.

4. Videos

Videos can be interactive only in one way. If there is a comment section when people can respond and share their opinions. It is always good to give your users visual content but make sure you also give the space for self expressing. If not, they just feel like engaging into a conversation where they are not allowed to talk. Not fun!

Why are these so important? Well, the entire point of having a website is presenting content. The only difference between the websites on the internet is the type of content they display. And the problem is that there are a tone of websites! You need to stand out of the crowd and you need to earn your audience. Even more important than earning your audience, is keeping it focused on your content!

What a better way to keep attention to a person than giving him/her something to interact with. It is just pure human psychology. The internet is a fun and engaging place for people. If you don’t find a way to display YOUR content better than other people/websites, then you will be staying for a log time on the second page of Google Search…and unfortunately, nobody goes on the second page of Google Search.