goodbye google plus

It’s time to say ” Goodbye Google+ ” !

However, more important, it’s time to download all your important data from the platform as fast as possible because Google will shut down their social media platform on the 2nd of April, before the initially announced date.

In case you are not familiar with Google + latest scandal here is a little resume.

Last year was marked by some massive leaks among many social media platforms, including Facebook and Google + of course.

The bug that “hit” it affected over 500,000 user accounts! Maybe even more, because they don’t keep an archive for more than two weeks. Therefore, they cannot possibly know exactly how many account were affected.

Google + was not a very used social media platform anyway, not even close to its competitors: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Consequently, Google decided to shut the platform down completely, cutting the loses for good.

If you want to find out more information about this scandal you can check out our article here.

Now, we are writing this article to inform you that it is time to download all your data from Google + because otherwise, you will lose it forever.

If you enter the platform, you will see a big banner at the top of the homepage which states:

” Your Google+ account is going away April 2, 2019. Downloading your Google+ content may take time, so get started before March 31, 2019. “

Download your Data!

So, in case you stubbled upon our article before taking a glimpse at your Google+ account, you’d better head to the platform and start the downloading process.

All we can say regarding Google+ it’s that we had a lot of fun using it and despite the fact that there are other social media on the market. Last but not least, we hope that Google comes back with another social media platform that will be ten times better than Google+.

Farewell Google+. It’s been a pleasure!