Item support is an essential part of the process that goes on in selling stock items, and we believe in it gravely and do our best to satisfy the needs of all our customers in a very timely manner and with very extensive information.

What is item support?

Item support is giving you all the necessary information about the item so you can know how to edit the provided features inside it and also, to install it on your server.  Beside the awesome documentation we build for all our files that we encourage every customer to read, we have a dedicated mailing system built exclusively for our customers and also, we have a comment section on our items built for that purpose as well. We answer all our customers in the shortest possible time and we do our best to explain it in a fashion that is easy to understand for even the newbiest of users.

How do I request support?

After purchasing an item from our portfolio, first, read the provided documentation.  We covered all aspects of our items with easy copy and paste code explained line by line to ensure that you understand everything from the structure to the features included. In case the documentation is not enough for you and you require assistance editing a feature from our item, you can always leave a comment on that item. The best channel to get in touch with us though remains our dedicated Support Page where we will receive a mail all the necessary aspects we need to help decoded by your license code. Please make sure that if your issue is code based and you’re already editing and trying to edit it, you give us a website link so we can inspect the code and see what’s going on. Your license code is necessary for us to decipher what item you purchased.

But support lasts 6 months, right?

Wrong. We don’t believe this is true and we certainly intend to reply to basic questions long after your support period has expired. If your questions are basic, simple, and don’t require a million back and forth emails we’ll gladly answer them for free, without any request for compensation, however, if your questions require a lot of messages, we recommend you purchase an extension package to your support script.

I get custom services?

This is the only aspect some of our customers have issues with and we’ll gladly explain. Our items are sold as stock, and they are sold for 1% of their custom cost. That means you get an item, fully featured, and you have to edit the content within it yourself to achieve the end product you will use. If you want extra features added to the item that are not included in the pack, we can assist you with those too, being the creators of the item, it’s faster and easier for us than hiring a freelancer that will have to understand the whole code, but these services will be charged at freelance rates. Support for the item as is, is covered as mentioned above, indefinitely, but custom services are not included in the support package as per Envato Terms and we will only provide them for a freelance fee.  Imagine if every customer would require a custom feature that would take roughly 2 hours to make, for an item with 1000 sales. Our new item production would stop completely. Right?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! We are Elite Authors, with an average portfolio rating of 4.7 out of 5, and we intend to do our utmost best to provide you with the best services we can. Elite is not just another badge in our portfolio and we will fulfill that status with great pleasure and care for the ones that helped us get it in the first place, you, our buyers!

Ending words?

Our customers and testimonials page speak for us. We provide the best possible quality items with the best support for them in the fastest time possible. We’re human too, so sometimes our answers may take up to 24 hours and in very, very special cases up to 72 hours ( happened once in 7 years since we’re in business ) but other than that, we believe in support, and we treasure our customers!