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5 Reasons to have a mobile dedicated website!

There is a constant war between the three main design types one may choose for the mobile website. Mobile dedicated, responsive or adaptive?

Let’s dive into explaining which type of sites serve what purpose:

  1. A mobile dedicated website is designed just for mobile phone access, some of them being responsive only for tablets tops.
  2. A responsive design covers all platforms, starting with desktop until the very last mobile device – they automatically adjust to the size of the device you use.
  3. A web app or an adaptive website is created to feel and behave like a native app, but it’s definitely not an app.

Our choice is clear – we love mobile dedicated websites! And we have some good reasons. We’ll explain them below so stay with us!

Here you have 5 most important reasons to have a mobile dedicated website!

1. Speed

The speed of serving a perfectly working mobile website is undeniably the main factor for you to have a mobile dedicated website. Most noteworthy, your dedicated site is not connected to your main desktop website. Which means that the mobile version can be better optimised in order to obtain the best loading speed. It all sums up at the end of the quantity of information that needs to be loaded.

Therefore, a mobile dedicated website, which is perfectly optimised to serve the user he information required, is much faster than a responsive one, that has the base in the desktop version. Here is an article that might help you find out more about why the speed of your mobile website really matters!

2. Search Results

Up until the past two years, google used the crawling system to index, rank and find pages based on their desktop versions. However, this changed and mobile websites received more attention coming from Google. Why? Well, it is pretty clear that mobiles rule our life nowadays. They are easier to carry around, and most of all, they give to the advantage of being just one click away from what you need.

This is why now, there is a “mobile first indexing” strategy. Therefore, Google will use the mobile version of a page when indexing and ranking to better help mobile users find what they are looking for on the web. Hence, they’ve also announced the AMP Project. Find out more about how does the new google algorithm may affect your page here.

3. Functionality

As for the functionality of the mobile website, a dedicated site is an absolute winner. Remember, responsive websites has their ground in the desktop version. Therefore, developers usually focus on creating and designing a groundbreaker desktop version….and not so great mobile version. This can influence and negatively affect the user experience. It loads slower, it serves information lacking important blocks of content because it’s not optimised and many more annoying bugs and inconveniences.

While on a dedicated website, you don’t need to worry about all those. Some might argue that a responsive website is easier to edit – you just edit the main desktop version, and it will automatically resize. But this is just like a computer that is being pressed to get to the size of a phone. It’s just not the same anymore.

4. Design

The front-end design is maybe one of most important aspect when choosing a website template, right? It has to be modern, catchy and eye candy in order to make the user experience an absolute bliss. And here we also suggest the mobile dedicated website. As we previously stated, you cannot compress a computer to the size of a phone. Neither a desktop website to the size of a mobile website and expect the same design.

There will be some compromises you need accept. But why compromise?  A mobile dedicated website is just around the corner, ready to give you all the components you need. You might find the right one in our Store <- Check here.

5. Cost

And we conclude with the aspect that frightens the most. The price of having a dedicated site. Taking into consideration that now you can choose from HTML & CSS Templates, Mobile WordPress Themes and Google AMP Templates, the price can vary from $10 to $30. Additionally, you need different hosting for your mobile version which can be included by your hosting provider in your already existing pack. However, the advantages are clear – the user experience quality will increase considerably. Therefore as a long term investment, a mobile dedicated website can make a big difference for your business.

In the range of $10 to $30, a mobile dedicated website is the cheapest solution to obtain the best optimised mobile website and solve all the aspects involved. You will have the rank issue solved, you will have a reduced bounce rate due to it’s great speed and you will serve the best user experience.

Finally, looking at things from a “server requirement” perspective, responsive WordPress Themes are heavy. If you want to have a great loading speed you need a suitable server to host the website. Therefore, a very expensive one. However, there is no need for such if you opt for a dedicated mobile website. Most people have a shared hosting service which is just perfect!

Did we convince you that the best choice is a mobile dedicated website? Don’t get stuck to the fact that the responsive one is easier to edit. Your users lose the experience of their lifetime. Give a little bit more time to you mobile website, you will find it extremely useful and you can transform it into your greatest method of interacting with your users.